Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pack n' Plays and Sugar Shoes

Volleyball season officially ended on Saturday.
I'm pretty sad about this. Very sad actually.

We finished up with a Saturday tournament - a tournament that resulted in a third place trophy. Any tournament that ends with a trophy is a good tournament and the girls could not have been more thrilled.
That afternoon, we celebrated with an end-of-season party.

We were there to celebrate a great season,
but these sweet girls and their sweet parents turned the party into a mini baby shower to celebrate our soon-to-be son.

Oh my, I was shocked.
The families went in together and bought us a pack-n-play, and I have to say that I've never been more excited about a baby item in my life.
Then the girls each said a prayer for us and for the baby.
Twelve precious prayers were raised on behalf of my son.
A son, half a world away, who no one even knows yet.

Their prayers were so genuine and sincere.
They prayed for his health, and that he would travel well.
They prayed for our finances and that our little boy would be able to love and be loved in our family. (How did they even know to pray for that!?)
They asked that God would enable Mark and I to provide everything our little boy needs.

Amazing girls.
Amazing moment.
I am so thrilled that these 12 junior highers are now a part of our son's story.
And, in true junior high fashion, the afternoon ended with Catherine trying to eat the shoe decorations that were on the cake. She thought they were made of sugar. Turns out, they are made of plastic. I brought home a darling little keepsake - with a tiny bite taken out of the top.
This celebration came at such a perfect time.
Just last week, I was praying and asking God to help me begin celebrating our baby.
Of course we are excited, but the paper work and fundraising and second guessing just gets a little boring.
This party was such a perfect answer to prayer.
God is good.
All the time.

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