Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Changes Everything

I don't know Sarah's whole story. I haven't followed every detail.

What I do know is that a year ago, little miss Sarah didn't have a family.
And even though she was just a tiny girl, she understood hopelessness.

But in February, everything changed.

She was adopted.

Her mother recently posted two videos HERE to celebrate the fact that Sarah is walking - and to celebrate the distance that Sarah has gone over the past six months.

Go and watch the videos. And go ahead and celebrate the walking if you would like.

But what I really want you to notice - what really struck my heart - is the DIFFERENCE in Sarah's eyes.

Oh her eyes say it all.

The Sarah from February didn't know love.
She didn't know what it was like to have someone cheer for her.
She didn't understand pride
and she had no clue who the person behind the camera was.
She had no idea that people believed in her
and cherished her.

But look at Sarah now.
She KNOWS she is loved,
and that she has value.

Six months ago she was listless.
Today she is thriving.

Having a family changed everything for her.

One Hundred Forty

One Hundred Thirty Nine

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bye-Bye Buddy

Yesterday was the much anticipated Muddy Buddy race.
I think it's safe to say that we looked forward to this all summer.
Our three teams + photographer Joan arrived at the Boulder Reservoir bright and early.
"Natox & Fatuma", "eM+B=MuddyBuddy", and "Butch & McFly" were ready to race!

Competing alongside our buddies, we took on the race course which consisted of six miles of biking, running, river crossing, and obstacle tackling...

...and ended with a splash through the mud pit.

I can't say that our group was "playing to win", but we had a great time and followed one important rule - "NO cleaning off until we get one dirty group picture." :)
And, I'll tell you what, I sure do LOVE my buddy.
After the race, I helped said buddy move into her new apartment for the school year. It was kind of a sad end to a very happy day.

Today, I was clipping coupons (barf!), and I ran across this advertisement. I laughed to myself a little and thought, "That's not what it feels like to drop your sister off at college."

In fact, I kind of think that this mother here is thinking "I'm going to have so much fun living in my daughter's dorm room with her, eating easy mac off of these nifty yellow plates."
Call my crazy, but it's just not that fun to say to your loved one, "Peace out. I'll see you in a couple months."

I'm proud of my sister
and happy for her
and so, so excited about all of the things that she is going to do this year.

But still, not that fun to leave her at college.
Not. Fun.

One Hundred Thirty Six

One Hundred Thirty Five

One Hundred Thirty Four

Friday, August 6, 2010

One Hundred Twenty Six

Moonlight on the Mountain

Last night, Mark and I went to Moonlight on the Mountain at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Moonlight on the Mountain is
6:00 to 10:00
21 and up
free drinks
free food
live bands
and great fun!

It was Mark's little birthday gift to me and we had a blast!
We got to feed romaine lettuce to the giraffes (which they loved!), see the grizzlies up close, hear the wolves howl at the moon (really, they did, it's not a cliche!), and listen to all the adults use "grown up language" because they knew there weren't any kids around.

Here's an interesting (or not so interesting) fact; the hippos are sisters. Feel free to impress your kids with that little tid-bit of knowledge next time to take them to the zoo.
The views from the zoo are amazing and are especially spectacular at night. We enjoyed a little lightening show out on the plains as well.

And after all the little creatures went to bed, the people danced. And you better believe that the Kyle's were out there shakin' it too! (Sorry, no pictures of that. In fact, no pictures of that ever, ever, ever, ever.)
If you live in Colorado Springs, I highly recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for this event to come around again next year. You'll love it. I just know it.