Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finally Final

On Friday - just two weeks shy of the day we began this process - we completed the VERY LAST step in the adoption of Mr. Briggs. By Colorado law, we are required to appear in court for a re-adoption hearing six months after bringing him home. 

As all important days should, our day began with chocolate donuts before we headed for the Douglas County Courthouse where Briggs was initiated as a Junior Deputy. (A title he held proudly for about 15 minutes before he tore his sticker up and threw it on the floor.) 
 The proceeding lasted less than 10 minutes and we promised - once again - that we would care for, educate, love, and nurture this child. This was the fourth time in the last 13 months that I've made those promises in front of one official or another. It was also the fourth time that I got a little bit chocked up and teary about it.
Briggs was given a bear by our home study agency and he proudly carried it out of the courthouse...just the way his Daddy likes to carry him.
Through every step, every piece of paperwork, and every courtroom, I'm reminded that it is a privileged to parent this beautiful child. It's been long, but I really am thankful for each piece of the journey that brought us all together.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Olive Jane

In my opinion, being asked to be present at the birth of a baby is one of the greatest honors. It means to be allowed to witness one the most painful and vulnerable moments of a woman's life and to be invited to experience - in a most intimate way - the creation of a family. 

I've been anticipating the birth of miss Olive Jane for months and was thrilled to be awakened in the wee hours of April 7th by a text message that said, "Come on over. Baby's on her way!" 

As Holly labored at home during the darkest hours of the night, I wished - on her behalf - that it would It was a long labor and I know that there were several moments when she felt hopeless.

But then, with the rising of the sun, it was time for that tiny girl to make her way into the world. A new day. A new life. Holly's pain turned into joy.

Thank you, Holly and David, for allowing me to be apart of this occasion. I'm so excited to watch Olive grow and learn make her mark on your family. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I don't know what it is about bath time that makes mamas want to photograph their kids, but I do know that my Instagram feed is constantly blowin' up with photos of little naked tushies surrounded by foamy bubbles and colorful rubber toys. 
For me, when I get Briggs in the bath, I think to myself "Oh my gosh. He's contained. Get the camera!" Because, my friends, if this boy is not in the bathtub or in his highchair, he is on.the.move.
 As an added bonus, his eyelashes are especially delicious when they are wet. Swoon. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Grab a Hammer

And *just* like that, we bought a *house*.

And by *just* I mean - after 5.5 years of having our condo on and off the market, finally finding a buyer, three months of looking for a new house, and being outbid on three other properties - we bought a house.

And by *house* I mean PROJECT.

Sure, it looks innocent from the outside, but there isn't one inch of this baby that doesn't need some over-haulin'. At the moment, it doesn't even have a complete plumbing system.

So, if you need us in the next 8-12 weeks, you'll find us here with hammer, saw, or paintbrush in hand.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I didn't intend to go on a blogging hiatus. 

But then lots of real life started happening and I had to choose between hanging out in the real world or investing my time here in the WWW. And, shoot, I'll take the real world any day. 

In fact, real life has been pretty good to me these past few weeks. 

I celebrated nine years of marriage to my wonderful Mark, 
hosted my little niece for a 48-hour slumber party, 
took my boy for several bike rides, 
put together a bomb-diggity toddler-themed Easter egg hunt, 
and watched as a tiny miracle named Olive made her way into this world. 

And in-between all of that, I photographed some pretty amazing people and places. 

Like what you see here? Well, there's more...

But my hubby is working on some new digs for the old blog and I kinda just want to save my favorite things for a time when things are looking all new and shiny around here. Is that cool with you?