Saturday, June 28, 2008

I don't usually;

watch Disney Playhouse.
fix a snack every hour.
wipe faces.
ask is everyone is buckled-up.
go swimming.
apply spf 50 sunscreen every two hours.
feel terror at the sight of an overflowing cup of red slushee.
get asked if I have cotton candy at my house.
force people to go to the bathroom.
get asked if I can make snow cones at my house.
request that "you please not use your whiny voice."
answer the question, "Why did the hippo poop in his pool?"
worry about "please" and "thank-you."
remind everyone that there is no reason to be fussy right now.
blow bubbles on my front porch in my jammies.
drive while looking in the backseat.
calculate the number of bouncy balls to be purchased with 46 tickets.
hear crying in the night.
wake up at 5:30 on Saturdays.

In fact, I NEVER do any of these things.

But in the past twenty-four hours I have done them all while hosting my four-year-old nieces.

I had a blast, but it is possible that I may delay parenting for another five years.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where will YOU be on November 14th, 2008?

Me? I'll be with the Kids.

This is the most exciting piece of mail I have recieved in a long time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's in a Name?

What's in a name? Alot, it seems.

You see, I've been wanting to start a blog for quite sometime now.

I've though about so many ideas, topics, events I want to write about. They rattle around in my head all day. I think about what I would say and what pictures I would post.

This has been going on for weeks. Months, maybe.

But the problem was, I couldn't think of a name for a blog.

I thought I had lots of good ideas at first. But they were all taken. It turns out I'm not that original. PictureThis - taken. ImagineThat-taken. BLK-Taken. MBK-taken. (All of these names are taken by people who haven't blogged since the year 2000, mind you. Shouldn't Blogger be recycling these by now?)

Then I went through a list of more obvious names. Things like "journey" and "adventure," but they seemed too simple. Life is so much more.

I thought "Colorado Kyles" was cute -- but it was just too close to my favorite
Texas Tilsens.

We're not adopting. Not expecting. Not moving. Not anything.

We're just living.

I wanted a place to share my life. My everyday life.

So here it is. "The way I see it." My thoughts, opinions, feelings, experiences, joys, disappointments, and excitement. I hope to capture it all here.

I don't promise to be blunt, completely transparent, or painfully poignant. I can't promise that every post will be meaningful and life-changing.

But I
will share my perspective on the mundane; the silly; the meaningful, and the not-so-important -- often as I view it through the lense of my camera.