Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flintstone Kids

Two weeks ago, I read this post to my volleyball team.
And then I asked them to get involved.

I challenged each one of them to earn enough money to buy one bottle of vitamins - and I asked them to make a sacrifice to do so.

Nope. No asking parents for 8 bucks. I requested that it be a personal sacrifice from each girl.

We've been talking this season about loving God and loving others. I explained to them that sometimes - oftentimes - loving means sacrificing.

So Hannah did some babysitting,
and Jessica scooped dog poo,
and Kenzie gave up a meal at Chipolte,
and Austin gave out of her savings.

And yesterday the 13 of us walked to Safeway, scoped out the best deals, and pretty much cleaned out the children's vitamin section.
Some of the girls even asked their classmates to get involved and received a few donations.
Together, we collected 21 bottles of vitamins.
The girls cheered and practically burst into song when I told them that there were 2,040 vitamins between those 21 bottles.
Oh, they were just so proud.
Really, 2,040 little gummy vitamins seems like such a tiny feat in the face of world hunger.
But David's pebbles were so tiny compared to the Giant Goliath.
It's my prayer that God will use these little pebbles to not only bring nourishment to the children of Sierra Leon, but that He will use them to plant compassion, love, and sacrifice in the hearts of 12 middle school volleyball players.

I'm so thankful to be their coach and to be a part of their lives.
And so thankful for their hearts and enthusiasm for making a difference.

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Brie said...

Those girls are very blessed to have you as their coach, Becky. You are coaching them not only in the sport of volleyball but in much more important life lessons as well. Way to go!