Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Congratulations are in order

I met Tim the same year I met Mark. It's quite possible that I met the two of them in the exact same moment, actually. They were the best of high-school-buddies - spent nearly every minute together - and when I started dating Mark, we broke Tim's heart.

Really, we smashed it to bits. Suddenly, in the middle of their senior year, Tim's Mark-time was drastically reduced by this little nuisance of a girlfriend.

If the three of us were together, Tim and I would race to the car, throw elbows, and both whine a little to win the prize of sitting in the front seat.

And Tim SWORE he would never. get. married.

This past weekend, Mark and I traveled to Van Nuys, CA to bear witness as Tim married his lovely bride, Ruth. What an honor and what a lovely time.

And what a relief. :) We just knew Tim would find the perfect girl - and boy did he ever!
The ceremony was beautiful, and I got a little emotional watching Tim's parent's watch their son. After many years of raising a child, it must bring so much happiness to share his joy on his wedding day.
After the ceremony, Tim made a final effort to win Mark's affection,
and then realized he had someone more beautiful waiting for him on the dance floor.
The celebration certainly was a joyous one - so fun and so hilarious.
We dined, danced, photographed, laughed, and laughed, and laughed,
and when the party ended,
Mark raced Ruth to the honeymoon suite.

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Kimberlee said...

Your pictures are great! What fun to see Tim getting married! The picture of Mark and Tim together made me laugh...glad to see they are still so silly!