Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finish then Feast

The Turkey Trot 5K...I can't think of a better way to kick-off Thanksgiving Day.

Go, Emmie, Go!
We finished in 37, 31, and 37 minutes.
Now bring on the feast.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A shout-out for a fellow adoptive family

Josh and Amy Bottomly are in the process of adopting their second child - a baby girl - from Ethiopia. They were recently moved up to #2 on the waitlist! Hooray!

Tracy from JunkPosse Jewelry makes these incredible necklaces (and much more!) and has generously offered to donate a percentage of her sales to help support the Bottomly's adoption travel.

Here are some pics of a couple of my favorites...but you MUST check out her etsy site to see everything.

This necklace is one of her newest. It's made to look like an Angel's wing and in the shape of Ethiopia. Pretty creative! And, just for posting this, I've been entered into a drawing to win this necklace. And I really want it. I do.
So, in review, check out the Bottomlys and watch for the announcement that they have received their referral.
Check out JunkPosse and try not to drool on the keyboard while you browse through the jewelry.

Two short hot chocolates for my two shorties

2 kids hot chocolates + 1 polar bear cookie = a happy niece and nephew.

Micah shows his gratitude for the delicious snack.
And of course the kids wanted to take turns using the camera.
After these glorious shots were captured, said camera was returned with bits of aforementioned polar bear cookie on the shutter button and the LCD screen.
I guess that's what I get.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

State Champions

This is Shannon.
Shannon and I coach volleyball together 9 months-a-year.
This is where we spent the day yesterday.
The Colorado State High School Volleyball Tournament.
It was five courts showcasing the top 40 volleyball teams in the state.
It was quite inspiring.
Shannon and I spent the day scheming and dreaming about our own teams, our role as coaches, and the things that we hope to inspire in our players.

And, I'll be honest here, I got a bit emotional when the tournament whittled down to the top ten teams in the state.

Two teams from each class, preparing to play for the title of State Champion. Oh my, what it must feel like to be standing on the end line, holding hands with your teammates, facing your opponent, getting ready to play a match that hundreds of other teams only dreamed of.

I hope to take a team there one day.

But right now, I'm focusing on the 10 ninth graders who will show up in my gym on Tuesday ready to begin a new season of club. Here we go...

Monday, November 9, 2009

go now

If you haven't read this book yet,
go now. Buy it. Read it.
Then read it again.

And it is quite possible that you will want to read it again after that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wait. What?

Volleyball season #1 ended a couple of weeks ago.
Gosh I miss those girls.

People keep asking me, "So what are you doing with your free time now?"

I usually reply with a blank stare.

In my head I'm thinking, "I'm supposed to have free time now? Wish somebody would have told me sooner - before I got all of this stuff scheduled."

And, as of 3:00 today, I will officially be full swing into volleyball season #2.