Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

m-m-m-my poker face

Just a reminder that the 5 Card Safari Poker Run and Adoption Fundraiser is this Saturday! We have a fantastic event planned and are getting quite excited around here!

The Poker Run kicks off at America the Beautiful Park at 4:00 pm. The park is located at 126 Cimino Drive - if you head west on Colorado Avenue, the entrance to the park is on the left-hand side, just before I-25. (Click here for a map)

Remember, fabulous prizes will be given in 3 categories. Bring the sweetest ride, get a prize. Complete your poker run in a timely manner, get a prize. Finish the game with the best poker hand, win the GRAND PRIZE. Believe me, you will want it.

Heck, I want it. Sadly, I'm not eligible to win.

As the poker run wraps up, we will meet at the home of Howie and Shirley Short for prizes, dinner, and a silent auction. If you want to skip the poker-playing and join us for dinner, that is great! We should be arriving about 6:00pm.

Auction items include;
-Salon and Spa gift certificate
-Dining gift certificates
-Tickets for professional sporting events
-Original art pieces
-A 6-night stay in Silverthone, CO
-and more!

I'm thinking everyone will find something that they love...but please, not fist fights in the auction room. Bid high to win, that's the name of the game!

If you want to RSVP or for directions to the Short's house, email me at beckylee123(at)comcast(dot)net.

See you Saturday!

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Sweet Memories

I have been so incredibly blessed to have wonderful grandparents in my life.
I was reminded of this over the weekend when I spent the night at my grandma's house. Sleeping in the playroom brought back so many memories and I spent a good hour looking at all the toys.

It was always so special to be at grandma's house and play with the toys that only she had. My cousins and I spent hours dressing barbies, making play dough ice cream cones, and playing board games.

There truly is no place on earth like a Grandma's house. I have made many sweet memories there.

...the white in the knuckle, the gold in the buckle...

There's no two ways about it, this is a sport for crazy people.

Friday, July 2, 2010


This week, I discovered* popchips. Oh my. What a wonderful little world of deliciousness. You must try them -- and then you are going to want to come back and thank me for revolutionizing your diet. Believe me, you will.

*By "discovered" I mean devoured an entire bag (and we're not talking snack-sized here) without letting my husband try even one.

I also "discovered" a box of Kroger brand Snoopy-shaped fruit snacks.

Also delicious.