Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

After Tim's wedding, we extended our stay in California for two days to have a little, tiny vacation. Oh, it was so wonderful and much needed.

We spent one of those days at Disneyland.

Upon witnessing several tantrums and meltdowns within our first hour inside of the Magic Kingdom, I decided that Disneyland was, in fact, not built for children.
Nope, not for children at all. Disneyland was made for adults.
Really, after I saw the 20th exhausted parent pushing around the 20th exhausted and screaming child, I decided that visiting Disneyland without kids is the way to go.
Okay, I'm kidding (kind of), but I'm pretty sure that these three adults had more fun than any child we saw that day.
OR...perhaps it was just me.

In fact, come to think of it, my two buddies here grumbled a little bit about hurting feet. And someone must be spreading rumors because I've had several people say, "So, I heard YOU had a good time at Disneyland," while hiding a little crooked smile, and betraying a mocking twinkle in their eye.

But, seriously, did you know that Disneyland is open until midnight!? And I'll be darned if I'm going to leave that place before Tinkerbell has sprinkled her last ounce of pixie dust over the castle.

I made them stay for 15 hours - and I owe a shout out to my mother-in-law and husband for mustering their energy and sticking it out.
I did have to ride three rides by myself, because aforementioned buddies believe that spinning and falling are unnatural motions that should be avoided rather than pursued.
Mark rode two roller coasters with me, which he actually enjoyed, thankyouverymuch. He usually adamantly refuses, so I was thrilled when he agreed to ride. And - in honor of Halloween - we all patiently waited for the haunted mansion ride. The ride turned out to be a big, fat, letdown, but I think this photo was worth it.
The day ended with a spectacular water and lights show. Really, it was fabulous. It nearly put the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas to Shame.
While waiting in the crowd for the show to begin, I noticed a couple near us with not one, not two, but three African children. And as I watched them, I made alot of assumptions about their past and present and future. Many of them completely incorrect, I'm sure.

I do know something, though.
I know that a little girl, who didn't used to have a daddy, was there in front of me, at Disneyland, hugging. her. Daddy's. neck. and watching a spectacular light show.
And really, in all of Disneyland, in all of the world, there is nothing more magical, more transformational than the love of a father. And the love of The Father.

I thought about her life - what was, and what is, and all of the things that might be.

And I thought about our own little son - and what his reality is right now, and how he doesn't even know what's coming for him. His world is about to get rocked. Shoot, our world is about to get rocked. A major transformation is coming and we will all learn together what it means to love and trust a father - he an earthly father, us our Heavenly Father.

Oh boy. I'm a little bit excited and a little bit terrified.

And I'm going to do my best to stop making assumptions about people and their kids. That's probably not a good habit to practice.

As far as Disneyland goes - It's quite possible that I'll tell my boy one day that Disneyland is not for kids and that you have to be eighteen before they will let you in.

I expect you all to back me up on that. If you do, I'll let you off the hook on telling him that Santa Clause is real.


The Cutter Family said...

You are my soul mate!!! I LOVE Disneyland. I would have gone with you and happily stayed the 15 hours! haha We took our kids last year and they loved it too .... Joel, however, did a great deal of complaining. Not sure if he'll ever go back .. when I get the itch again I'll call YOU! :)

Tarah said...

Love your writing Becky!! I too LOVE Disneyland- it's a magical place! :)
And you will love taking your little boy there- it's great to see it through their eyes!