Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Many Minis

A few weeks ago, I hosted a group of mini sessions.

1 location
3 families
1 hour
30 photos

It was quick, easy, dare-I-say-fun?, and produced great results. It was the perfect solution for these families who were just "looking for something nice for the Christmas card."

In fact, I loved the experience so much, I've decided to do it again - and then maybe again and again. I'll be offering a limited number of mini-sessions throughout 2012. If you would like to know how to get your family signed up - please contact me at beckylee123 (at) comcast (dot) net.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

{GREAT} grandparents

As we continue the process of grafting this little Briggs into our family, one of the greatest joys has been watching our family love, love, love him.

Most of the time, when people talk about adoption, they say something like, "we just want to give a child a family." For Mark and I, this was certainly a part of our frequent answers to the question of "why adopt?" And boy-oh-boy has mister Briggs been blessed with an abundance of generous, loving, caring, over-the-moon family members.
Growing up, one of my greatest joys was getting to spend time with my grandparents. I can honestly say that knowing the four of them has made my life rich and full. It makes my heart so happy to know that Briggs will undoubtedly have grandparents who are as dedicated to him as mine were to me - and introducing Briggs to my own grandparents (his great-grandparents) has been amazing.

Back in August, when we arrived at the airport, my mom's mom was the first person to approach and hold Briggs. She had been telling me for months that she could "not wait to hold that baby." She proved it by not waiting one second longer than she had to to get her hands on him. It was one of the most precious moments of his whole homecoming day.

My dad's parents live in Illinois, so last weekend we hopped on a plan with Grandpa E.J. and headed off to spend the weekend with Nonna and Pa -- Nonna and Pa who spoiled the little britches right off of the boy.
In fact, Nonna gave Briggs his first sucker and for about 15 minutes I truly believe he thought he had entered heaven's pearly gates.
And after Pa invited Briggs to join him outside for a leaf-throwing party, Briggs crowned Pa his bestest friend in the whole wide world.
It was a short trip, but it meant the world to me. My grandparents are generous and have blessed me by loving my boy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekend Get-A-Way

Last weekend, we decided it was time for a bit of vacation. We gathered up a couple of our besties and headed for the mountains.

Somehow, with the addition of little Briggs, this vacation did not seem quite like an actual vacation. So, let's call it a "get-a-way" instead. I refuse to believe that this is what vacation will be like for the rest of my life.
While there were no leisurely breakfasts or mornings of late sleep, there was still plenty of time for pajama lounging and baby snuggling.
And during nap time, there were games, and yummy drinks, and general carryings on. Em and I carved out a bit of kid-less hot tub time too. Thank.Goodness.For.That.
In the afternoons, we bundled up the babes and headed out to check out the nearby tourist spots.
Which, sadly, were in the middle of the off-season and strangely deserted. We did see Lindsey Vonn shooting some kind of promotional video though. If that video ever gets produced, we will be the ONLY people in the background, so keep your eyes peeled.
We also found ducks and plenty of space for the tots to wander - two big wins as far as the littles were concerned. I swear they could have stared at those ducks all day.
It's really hard to NOT enjoy a weekend in the mountains with friends. However, we took a vote and it was unanimously agreed upon that the babies are not invited next year. I think they'll be okay with that - grandma's house is more fun anyway.