Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Smooth Criminal

Mark and I were fingerprinted today - an important step in proving that we have clean backgrounds and will be good parents. 
Coincidentally, the police station was hosting a field trip for 25 elementary school children. They passed the fingerprint room with wide-eyed astonishment and gaping mouths, watching Mark roll his fingers in the ink and then onto the paper. My guess is that they were told that when a "bad guy" is arrested, the first thing he does is give his fingerprints. I'm fairly certain that each of them went home this evening and told their mothers that they saw an actual criminal today at the station.  


Emily said...

only the two of you :-). your Baby is sure getting a great start to his story:-).

Tarah said...

lol!! That's too great of a story!!

Courtney said...

It's so fun to share in your many endeavours along this journey of adoption...thanks for sharing!!! =)