Friday, August 14, 2009

FAQs 2 & 3

A few more of the frequently asked...

Are you adopting a boy or a girl? What age?

We have requested an infant boy - or - infant twins with no gender preference. Depending on the baby's age at the time of referral, he will most likely be between 6 and 18 months when we actually bring him home.

On a side note, Becky is extremely hopeful for twins and Mark thinks there's no chance in ... well you know ... that will happen.

Why did you choose to adopt from Ethiopia?

There are several answers to this questions, actually.

When I started really learning about adoption more than two years ago, I began following the stories of several adopting families. While I was extremely blessed by each family who shared their journey, it was the families and children from Ethiopia who really captivated me.

I started learning more about the country and read a book that helped me understand the culture, the crisis, and the need that resided there. And I was hooked. I knew that Ethiopia would be the country we adopted from.

Ethiopia as a country has a -- shall we say -- humble spirit about allowing their children to be adopted. While they would prefer for their children to grow up in Ethiopia, the government has admitted that they need help and is very cooperative and thankful to have homes and families for some of their 4.6 million orphans.

Additionally, the Ethiopian program is currently one of the most affordable (ha.) and offers the opportunity to adopt the youngest babies.

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