Saturday, August 15, 2009

FAQs 4 & 5

People often ask,

Will the baby already have a name?

Yes, most likely the baby will have been given a name, either by his birth family or by his caregivers.

With a desire to be respectful and inclusive of his African heritage, we will most likely keep his given name as his middle name and then choose a first name for him.

So then, what will you name him?

As this point, your guess is as good as mine!

Here is how a typical naming conversation goes in the Kyle house;

Becky: "Mark, I've come up with the perfect name. I just know this is it! Want to hear it?"

Mark: (With very little enthusiasm and a tiny bit of eye-rolling) "Sure. What is it?"

Becky: (With much gusto, presents an off-beat name that Mark has never-in-his-life heard of and waits, beaming with pride, for his announcement of approval.)

Mark: "I think you need to try again."

Good thing we have a while to figure this out.

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Beth said...

Haha! That sounds just like us right now. Although, we really need to figure it out soon! :)