Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I didn't intend to go on a blogging hiatus. 

But then lots of real life started happening and I had to choose between hanging out in the real world or investing my time here in the WWW. And, shoot, I'll take the real world any day. 

In fact, real life has been pretty good to me these past few weeks. 

I celebrated nine years of marriage to my wonderful Mark, 
hosted my little niece for a 48-hour slumber party, 
took my boy for several bike rides, 
put together a bomb-diggity toddler-themed Easter egg hunt, 
and watched as a tiny miracle named Olive made her way into this world. 

And in-between all of that, I photographed some pretty amazing people and places. 

Like what you see here? Well, there's more...

But my hubby is working on some new digs for the old blog and I kinda just want to save my favorite things for a time when things are looking all new and shiny around here. Is that cool with you?

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