Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finally Final

On Friday - just two weeks shy of the day we began this process - we completed the VERY LAST step in the adoption of Mr. Briggs. By Colorado law, we are required to appear in court for a re-adoption hearing six months after bringing him home. 

As all important days should, our day began with chocolate donuts before we headed for the Douglas County Courthouse where Briggs was initiated as a Junior Deputy. (A title he held proudly for about 15 minutes before he tore his sticker up and threw it on the floor.) 
 The proceeding lasted less than 10 minutes and we promised - once again - that we would care for, educate, love, and nurture this child. This was the fourth time in the last 13 months that I've made those promises in front of one official or another. It was also the fourth time that I got a little bit chocked up and teary about it.
Briggs was given a bear by our home study agency and he proudly carried it out of the courthouse...just the way his Daddy likes to carry him.
Through every step, every piece of paperwork, and every courtroom, I'm reminded that it is a privileged to parent this beautiful child. It's been long, but I really am thankful for each piece of the journey that brought us all together.


Meme said...

I am so glad you got this final confirmation. Although the look on his face as he snuggles you is proof positive that this. thing. works.

Crazy Mama said...