Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's This?

Well, well. What's this?
Oh that? That's nothing.

That's just me PACKING A SUITCASE FOR MY SON because we leave in one week to bring his sweet cheeks home.

Holy. Smokes.
And what's this?
This is my birthday gift from my husband.
He said it's for me to take on the plane.
However, after a week of packing and getting ready to go,
I'll be seriously surprised if there is even one bean left to board the plane with me.
We'll fly out on August 21st and return home with our little guy on August 27th.
We are beyond excited and relieved and over joyed.

If you are interested in details about meeting us at the airport, email me at beckylee123 (at) comcast (dot) net.


mustard seed said...

congratulations! what exciting news! I was wondering if you all are still selling your bags?

the mommy said...

So exciting I have been in your shoes twice this is the most special time and the moment you hold him for the first time will be a moment you will never forget. Congrats!

Meme said...

yayayayayayay!!! I'll have you know i looked up plane tickets for that weekend, had them picked out and then remembered a minor fact. I have my own children who cant be abandoned no matter how exciting this is!. shucks. Know I would give anything.. except my own sweet babes... to be there to see his uh-mazingness come out of that airport! i will be holding my breath and expect pictures. even cell phone pictures.