Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Six Hours of Briggs

We got our boy about six hours ago.

He's amazing.

And he's huge.

He cried for 90% of our time together this afternoon. Surprisingly, we still enjoyed every minute. We'll see how we feel about the crying tomorrow.

I gave him a sweet potato puff as a peace offering. He threw it at my face. Today, it was funny, but I told him that if he tries that in about a month, he going to have to sit in time-out.

It was a rough afternoon for the little guy - illustrated by the fact that he fell asleep sitting up on the bed by himself.

And now that he's sleeping soundly, I kinda want to go wake him up and play with him.

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the mommy said...

the transition is hard on them but it does pass and you begin to see little things that let you know everything is going to be alright. be there to comfort him and give him space too. i am sure you know all of this but skin on skin contact is a good way to help the transition. take him in the shower with you. Oh this is all making me want to do it again...