Friday, August 19, 2011

En Route to Ethiopia. First stop; Copper Mountain.

All summer, we've been looking forward to spending a weekend in the mountains with my family. In fact, we've been looking forward to THIS very weekend.

So, even though we leave for Ethiopia on Sunday, we are leaving tonight to head for the hills.

We will have plenty of time to relax - much needed after this week of packing and cleaning and planning and finishing up a million things.

On Sunday, we'll be Warrior Dashing in the morning and then my parents will make a *quick* stop at the airport to unload us on their way home.

And at 11:58 that night, we'll be sitting on the runway thinking "Are we really doing this?"

I tell you what, after the SLOWEST.SUMMER.EVER, this all seems to be happening crazy fast.

We are so, so ready to get our hands on this babe.

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Krista said...

I love last-minute vacations. My family and I all went camping a week and a half before my wedding! And my parents went on a last-minute trip to the mountains the day after their house got burgled. Vacation-vacations are awesome.

Can't wait to see the first family photos.