Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have Cat. Will Travel.

We packed up the truck,
the car,
the baby,
the cat,
the friends,
and high-tailed it to Las Vegas yesterday.

The drive was awesome, the baby was perfect, and the cat only drooled on me a little.

After checking into the hotel and having dinner, we headed for the Las Vegas Strip.

We didn't expect much. Just a little margarita and a little walk. Maybe we would see the fountains and drop a few nickels into the slots.

But just so you know, The Bellagio Hotel WILL NOT valet park your Ford Focus Station Wagon with a live cat inside.

In fact, no one will. And your trip to the strip will be reduced to a 10 minute cruise and you will see Vegas from the INSIDE of your vehicle.

You can make this a little more fun by bumping the stereo
...but only very quietly so you don't wake the baby.


The Cutter Family said...

I own a Ford Focus and I strongly believe that they wouldn't valet park because you showed up in a Ford Focus, not because of the cat. :)

Emily said...

I'm so happy your friends are coming home :-). Our biggest prayer as a family right now is to develop family friends so close we could road trip :-). Love seeing God grow y'all together!

T said...

you are super lucky to have a cat that will happy endure a car trip! my cats won't even let me hold them! Great photo and i love that you thought to take your cat with you on your fun trip!

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