Saturday, June 19, 2010


Six years ago, when I started tutoring for the school district, Lashonte was my first student. She was a freshman and I was fresh out of college. I had the honor of being her teacher for a year and a half -- and four year after we started working together, I experienced the joy of seeing her graduate. That was a very proud moment for me.

It has been crazy amazing to watch this girl grow up. We don't get together very often, but when we do, I am blown away by her life, her challenges, and her joys.

She has her own apartment now.

AND SHE IS GOING TO COLLEGE. So proud of her. So, so proud.

Lashonte turned 21 this week, and we celebrated today with lunch and a trip to Spring Spree - where we rode this little spinning doodad.

Why? Well, because it's her favorite.
And, honestly, I'm kind of a sucker for rides that spin and loop and fall and twirl, so she didn't really have to twist my arm or anything.

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