Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get out your Whips** (and a clue about July 17th)

We're still working on our plans for the July 17th event, but i thought I should let you know that you'll want to gear up your sweetest ride.

I also thought it might be helpful to give you a few examples of sweet rides. You know, in case you want to really be prepared.

Now this, most certainly, is a sweet ride.
And if you are a member of the Kyle family, this too is a sweet ride - though a bit overdone, don't you think?
And many of you would agree this this also is a sweet ride - unless you are the mama of the boy who is riding it. Then, well, it just looks like an injury waiting to happen.
And maybe you have a large family, and this is your sweet ride. I have to tell you, go ahead and bring your minivan, BUT...
...if you plan to win any prizes, you might want to go the extra mile and spruce that baby up a little bit...
...or you could really go for the gold and go with this. I'm just sayin'...
And finally, bicycles might be considered a sweet ride in your world, but for this event, they're just not gonna fly.
So, now you know. Well, now you know something.

** Whip - N. 1. A fast expensive car, such as an Aston Martin. Sometimes used to describe vehicles of a lesser extent in areas of lower standards.
(eg. Check out the whip, thug! I dropped 300 G's on this v12, now I'm ballin' like James Bond.)

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