Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Mark and I had our first homestudy appointment yesterday.

We had to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about our childhood, our parents, our siblings, and our marriage. This included many questions that said things like; "Choose the words from the list below that describe your relationship with your mother." or "Choose the words from the list that best describe your father's personality." etc, etc.

I can honestly say that the words I marked were all positive. And I realized that many people don't have many (if any) positive things to say about their parents or their childhood. Or their parents' marriage. Or their current marriage.

And I know that I have been so blessed. Beyond what I deserve. Beyond what I have earned.

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Joan said...

Good to know. Moms don't always know what kind of job they've done unless their children tell them. Would I do some things differently if I could? Yes. Would I ask for different children? Definitely not! You bless me.