Thursday, April 30, 2009

Small Talk

As I've mentioned before, our next-door neighbor has FIVE kids. 

Every once-in-a-while, we share in the joy of a little conversation with one or two of them as they are playing out in front of their house. 

The other day, I stopped and chatted for a while with the oldest brother (7) and the oldest sister (4). 

Mark pulled up as I was going inside, and he too stopped to talk with them. It turns out, they had used up all of their small talk on me and were saving the personal questions for Mark. 

Here's how it went: 

Mark: Hi guys, whatcha doin'? 
Sister: Do you guys have any kids? 
Mark: Not yet. Someday we will though. 
Brother: Ya, when God gives 'em to you, then you will have them. 
Mark: Point taken. 
Sister: (Pointing towards me) Mark, are you that girl's sister?
Mark: Huh?  

Mark came inside feeling quite confused and now we are a little afraid that the five kids next door might be praying for God to give us a baby. 

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Emily said...

arent we all praying for that? :-)