Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Does Size Matter?

Mark and I live in an 1,100 sq ft condo. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms. We have no yard, no garage, and hauling the groceries to our second floor "castle" is an Olympic event.

Therefore, this is me, "No. I will not have kids as long as we live here. Too small. Too little storage space. Too many stairs. Cramming a tiny baby and all of his stuff into this little house would make me crack."

My neighbor lives in a condo similar to mine. She has no yard. No garage. Twenty steps up to her front door. She does have one more bedroom. But that's it.

However, this is her, "We just found out that we are expecting number five! Isn't that great?"


Where does she put all of those kids?

So tell me, am I selfish and spoiled or is she crazy?


Brie said...

She's crazy for the simple fact that she's having 5 kids! I used to want 4, but with today's economy (and being older than I thought I'd be when I started having kids), I think 2 will be just dandy (as long as it's a boy and girl), 3 max!

Courtney said...

Will I sound rude if I say both? ;) Only because I want you to have a baby though. =) But I do think that's a bit crazy with #5 in that small space...she'll go mad!