Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Traveling with Friends

On Labor Day Weekend, our dear friends, John and Emily, nearly broke our hearts by moving to Manteca, California. Missing them deeply, Mark and I grabbed Dave and Holly and flew West to spend a weekend with our friends. 

We had an absolute blast and didn't rest for a minute. 

We visited the State Capitol, where we 
rode on the landscaping, 
rung eachother's bells, 
hassled the "Governator," 
and picked the royal fruit. 
Then we trekked through the forest, discovering
pack mules, 
treacherous river crossings, 
rusty vehicles, 
valuable fossils, 
and the band's next album cover. 
We also visited the beautiful beach for some
girl time, 
play time, 
smoke time, 
and time to ponder. 
Finally it was off to the big city of San Francisco to explore and 
to make fun of the natives. 

We are home now and are already missing John and Em again. Only 8 more weeks until they will come home for a visit! 


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Megan said...

What a fun time! I was just in San Francisco last Thursday on our way to Hawaii...we spent the whole day wandering around the city and then went to the town I grew up in! So much fun!

Ashley said...

I must say...this trip looked like one of those "time of your lives" type trips and it makes me miss some of those good ol' days prior to children!!! Too much fun! =)

Ashley said...

Oops! P.S. Becky---side bar: in case you are wondering who Ashley is (it's really Courtney) writing from my neices' profile...I didn't realize it would leave her name. Silly me. ;)