Monday, November 17, 2008


The concert was amazing
and hilarious
and so much fun! 

First, the boys helped us make t-shirts. 
I'll have you know, they are expert puff-painters. 
Then we had a little pre-show dinner. The boys were nervous about performing, but some good food and drinks helped them relax. 

And then it was off to the concert. We were ready to rock in our t-shirts...
...and our Jordan socks. 
After 15 years, NKOTB is performing together again. And they are performing the exact same show that I saw 18 years ago! 
Jordan still sings everything in falsetto. 
Donny still wore and hat and let his underwear show and threatened to take his pants off. 
The screaming from the crowd is still louder than the music.
Joey is still a total heart-throb. 
The Dance moves are still totally-off-the-hook. 
Danny still looks like a monkey. 
And Jonathan is as shy as ever. 
Stay tuned for a little concert video so that you can experience the early 90s nostalgia for yourself! 

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