Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jordan Night Still Has My Heart

After nearly 18 years, me and the kids are reuniting! 
When I was 7-years-old, I entered a writing contest at JC Penny. I was to write and essay about "Why Cops are Cool." I created an acrostic, using each of the letters in "Cops are Cool" to describe their unending coolness. 

I won the contest. While I bounced around the house screaming, my mom cried tears of joy. (I know they were tears, the "joy" part is still questionable.) 

The prize? A trip to the New Kids on the Block concert at Fiddler's Green, complete with my very own police escort! Jordan and Jonathan were my favorite of course. After months of listening to their cassettes and staring at their posters, to see them live was a dream come true. 
Thus, my very first live music experience was with the boy-band-of-all-boy-bands. I eventually forgot all about NKOTB, but my love for live music never died. Tomorrow night, things are coming full circle for me and I will once again be attending a live NKOTB concert. 

I remember listening to their music when I was little and thinking, "It just doesn't get any better than this." I've been listening to their Greatest Hits album this past week, and more than once I have thought, "Thank goodness that it DID get better than this!" I guess I've moved beyond synthesizers and the high-pitched-squeal of 16 year old Joey. 

Either way, I am still REALLY looking forward to donning my freshly-puff-painted "Jordan" T-shirt and singing along to "Hangin' Tough" tomorrow night. 

The Christmas after my amazing cop-going concert experience, my grandma bought me the entire set of NKOTB Dolls. I was so excited when I opened those packages that you would have thought all five of the boys themselves walked right into the room. It was certainly one of the most memorable gifts I have ever received. 

And in case you were wondering, yes, the dolls did come adorned with the appropriate rat tails. 


The Cutter Family said...

Words cannot describe my excitment. I may not be able to sleep tonight.
I'm so glad we will get to share this nostalgic moment together!!

Tarah said...

I love that you still have all the dolls! Hope it's just as magical as last time! : )

Brie said...

I can't believe you still kept all those dolls! And, I'm going to totally show my lack of interest in all things NKOTB, but which one is Jordan?