Monday, December 1, 2008

All I Want is a Nice Picture

**Warning: Content may not be suitable for small children or for people with an aversion to old, naked men.**

Before Mark and I left for California, I made one simple request, "Hey Mark, do you think that while we are on vacation, you could remember to take some pictures of me? Do you think you could remember to do it occasionally without me having to ask? I always feel so vain when I have to ask you to take a picture of me." 

His response, "Hmm? Oh, yeah. Sure I guess. I'm sure I'll forget though." 


Out of the 492 pictures we took on the trip, he took 20. 

On the day we went to the beach, I wanted to get some lovely posed shots of me and two of my bffs. That's not so hard. Right? So I hand the camera to Mark and the "photo shoot" went a little something like this: 

Hey Mark, take some pictures of us. I know that several people here think this is a nude beach, but there's lots of scenery. Let's get some shots in front of the waves. That will be pretty. 

Ok, Mark, first do one of me and Emily.
Okay, now let's get Holly in here. 
And do one more, just in case someone blinked...wait, it looks like you are holding the camera off center. Let me see what you've got so far. 
Give me the camera. What's so funny? Just give it...Hey! Are you getting the naked men in these pictures? 
Stop it! Let me see! 
Don't take them that way. Go vertical -- like this -- then you won't get the naked men in the pictures. Oh, he's right behind me now. That's nice. 
Please, please just try one more time. Please do it right. 
There, was that so hard now? Sheesh! 


julieldivine said...

Ha! Funny! I remember your naked man pictures from your last trip to CA.

Kari said...

That is the funniest EVER! Oh Mark makes me giggle. You two are the best!

the_Depraved said...

Oh man! The jealousy is overwhelming!

Tarah said...

That was great fun...thanks! Gotta love those boys!

Meme said...

oh. my. goodness!