Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOOOOO Tigers!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you've probably seen me gushing lately about my boy's love for Hockey and his admiration of all things CC Tiger. It's possible that I've annoyed you a little bit, but the I'm pretty sure that he would give up breathing if it meant he could have more hockey.

The first thing out of his mouth every morning is "Hockey Game!" 
Which is followed by a sort of stream-of-consciousness hockey term brainstorm. "Goalie. Two Goalie. Zamboni. Gooooooo TIGERS! Yellow. Tiger yellow. Stick. Hockey stick. Puck. Hockey Game." 

All of this is stated as sort of an excited question. It's as if he is saying, "Is all of this hockey stuff for real or did I just dream it all up yesterday?" 

And we reassure him, "No son, it's for real. I KNOW it seems to good to be true, but hockey is indeed for real." 

There's one team in particular that has his heart, The Colorado College Tigers. Attending the hockey games of this local college is a long-time Kyle family tradition and we had Briggs at a game within a month of his homecoming. Our crazy, active, squirmy boy sat still through the entire 3.5 hour event and has sat through several games since, his eyes glued to the ice.

He coos the word "Tiger" as if he is telling you a story about his first true love and he carries around Tiger jerseys and water bottles as if they are tiny, fragile infants.

Ask him what a bear says, he says "grrrrr." Ask him what a lion says, he says "roar." As him what a tiger says and he says, "GOOOOOO Tigers!"

We didn't teach him that. I swear.
Last Sunday, the team hosted their bi-annual Skate with the Tigers event and we knew we had to be there. Briggs was as terrified as he was excited. And while he wouldn't spend too much time outside of his daddy's arms, he did make sure to ask every player for a fist-bump.

He's pretty sure they're all his best friends now.
We couldn't rent skates small enough for his little feet, but he did get to put his feet to ice for the first time. I won't lie and tell you that he showed some amazing natural ability, but I do think he enjoyed it.

And Mark and I are pretty sure that when Briggs grows up he is going to be one of two things. He will either be really good at playing hockey OR really good at drinking beer and watching hockey.

Aim high, son, aim high.

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