Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Celebrating Olive

I don't know who came up with the idea of baby showers, but I'm guessing it was a person with a generous heart who understood the importance and significance of new life. I'm personally going through a "phase" where it seems that I'm invited to baby showers even more often than I'm invited to Lia Sophia parties. And I'm invited to a lot of Lia Sopia parties. 

Yet, the excitement of the baby shower has yet to be lost on me. There is just something about helping a mom prepare for her new child that gets me - and most women - a little bit giddy. This past Saturday was no different as we celebrated Holly and little Olive - who is to make her appearance sometime in mid-April. 

Agia Sophia Coffee Shop provided us with the perfect setting to rejoice over this new life as we oogled, ahhhh-ed, and giggled over a mountain of pretty girl things. What is it about baby girl items that makes us women spend more than we should and get all fluttery? The handmade tutu and croched-by-grandma blanket elicited the most ooohhhhs&ahhhhs, while Holly's three-week-old niece was truly a show stopper. 
Hopefully, miss Olive will look at these photos one day and know that she was loved, celebrated, and rejoiced over before she was ever known. We are thankful for her and we are so excited to meet her.

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