Friday, March 2, 2012

Six Months Home

During the first few weeks that Briggs was home, Mark and I often found ourselves looking at each other and saying, "This is really weird." 

But like all new parents, we pressed on to learn and grow and adjust while providing the best possible care we knew how for our little guy. 

It seemed like everywhere we turned, someone was telling us, "You'll feel normal again after six months." or "After six months, seems really settled down for us." 

And you know what, they were (pretty much) right. 

It's been just over six months since we got the B-man home and we are starting to feel a bit more calm. We are settling into a routine and a rhythm. 

And while caring for this wild man is still very very hard, 
Mark and I now frequently look at each other and say, 
"This is really fun." 

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Beth said...

Glad to hear you all are getting into a "normal" routine. Whatever that is! :) Briggs still kills me with all his cuteness.