Thursday, January 5, 2012

Save, Support, and Swim in Tulle

Do you remember the Carew family from a couple of weeks ago? If you didn't remember their faces, I'm pretty sure you remembered their tutus.

Did you love their tutus? Or find yourself wishing you had one for your little ballerina?

Well, you're in luck. Shannon is making and selling those tutus to raise some of the money they need to bring their new little one home from Uganda sometime in the next 18 months.

And I tell you what, these are high quality tutus. Since we are currently lacking in little girls in our household, we bought one of Shannon's tutus for our niece for Christmas. She was an instant princes and so, so happy surrounded by what seemed like miles of tulle.
Here's the thing; I really, really want Shannon to sell a lot of tutus. So I'm going to sweeten the deal.

Anyone who buys a tutu from Shannon between now and June 15th - and then also books a photo shoot with me by June 15th - will receive $20 off of the price of a photo shoot. (Wearing your tutu for the photos is optional.) Additionally, a portion of my profits will be donated to the Carew's adoption fund, so you'll essentially be supporting them twice!
Shannon will happily let you know what colors and sizes she has in stock or she'll work on a custom order too! Go here to read their blog, here to connect with her on Facebook, or email her directly at streick (at) hotmail (dot) com.
Happy shopping!


binboy said...

I found it fairly easy to manipulate photos and I think it came out great.. I needed to fix up some before and after photos and I think it worked out pretty well. Wish I had seen the screencasts before hand though, but I think it came out well enough.

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Brady and Liana said...

how far our are you booked for family pictures?