Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Five Weeks to Better Shooting: Week Two

I started a little challenge for myself last week. Here's a re-cap incase you missed it;

"...for five weeks, I’m only allowing myself one shot each day. Not one photo – no, one shot. One click of the shutter. And whatever it is, whatever comes of it, I have to show it to you. Blurry, overexposed, misaligned, and all. But I know myself – I know that because I have to show it, I’ll be more careful with the shot in the first place.

Which is the whole point. To be more careful. To be more intentional. To look...."

Here's what we've got for week number two;

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Queenie said...

I find your best work on these pages to be your black and whites.I can see their stories.