Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We've been at this adoption thing for two years. TWO.

It's been challenging for sure.
And I wouldn't trade a day of it.

As we sprint (or crawl) down the home stretch, we can't help but marvel at all that God has provided for us. And for Briggs. Someday, I'm just gonna list it out for all to see. Really, it's so incredible.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has come this far with us.
We. Are. Almost. There.
And then the really important work begins. Raising our boy.

We have been running a couple of fundraisers these past two years and because we still have about $1,500 left to raise, I wanted to give everyone one last chance to participate.

First, we have 50 grocery bags left. I understand that you may have about 27 variations of the reusable shopping bag lying around the house. But, well, ours are better. 'Nuff said. AND, if we sell all of them, it will cover the cost of the guest house for our second trip to Ethiopia. Let's see your little one-dollar-walmart bag pay for someone's good nights sleep.

You can read about them here or visit the sidebar to purchase. (If you live nearby, email me before you order and we can skip the whole shipping&handling thing.)

Second, May will be the last month that I offer "name-your-price" photography. Coming in June, you're going to be seeing real photography prices from this girl. If you've been thinking about having family, senior, baby, or couples photos done, now's the time. I'll still let you pay me for photos after May, but I'm going to be telling you what to pay and you may or may not like it.

What? You're not ready to have your pictures taken now? The baby ran into your older son's fist last week and has a black eye? That's okay too - simply make a donation in May and then book your session before September 1st. (See, I'm not cutting you off cold-turkey. I'm giving you all summer to get your family's outfits coordinated.)

You can see examples of my work here and email me at beckylee123 (at) comcast (dot) net to learn how to donate and book your session.

And again, thank you to everyone for sticking it out with us for this long.
We can't wait to have you all over to pinch our boy's cheeks.

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The Cutter Family said...

Hi! My neighbor came over tonight and was asking where we had our WONDERFUL family pictures taken. I referred her to you so you may be getting a call from a stranger who says she knows me :) Also, I want to book you for photos in June/July. I want you to do my newborn photos so I can put them on the birth announcements! I was going to wait until he was born to call you, but since he won't be here before the end of May I'm reserving you now!!! I'll facebook you :) So happy for you guys ... can't wait to meet your boy!