Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hardworking {Favorites: Part 4 of 4}

Everyday in Ethiopia I was floored by how hardworking the people were.
There was an urgency in their work - they moved quickly, bent under heavy loads or hustling a food order back to the kitchen. They concentrated to get their English right when telling us about their restaurant and patiently tended beautifully displayed fruits and vegetables.
Watching them accomplish such difficult tasks with joy, care, and precision was humbling. And after learning how little they were actually earning for their labors, I gave myself a mental tongue-lashing for every time I have ever complained about a job.

Again and again, I found myself inspired and rethinking the way I approach my work.

I am so grateful for the things I experienced in Ethiopia. What a blessing this trip was - even after being home for five weeks, I still get so excited every time I get to share about Ethiopia with someone new.

And, ohmygoodness, I cannot wait to tell our boy all about it.

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