Thursday, June 18, 2009

More El Paso

All is well in El Paso, TX.

Camp has been going great and we have had over 100 kids attend each day.

The kids are so funny and seem to be having a great time.

On the first day, I met Antonia who told me that she had many things to celebrate before her birthday. These included her sister's birthday, Father's Day, and Flag Day.

On the second day, 6-year-old Toby cried when his fingers got stepped on. He said that he was worried that his fingernails were going to fall off.

And today, 7-year-old Daniel was staring up at Heidi (one of the girls who came with our group from Colorado Springs) and said, "You are so beautiful -- especially in the sunshine."

Some of these kids are CUTE and I'm especially fond of the little boys. I love watching them play volleyball and am trying to teach them a little finesse -- if they had it their way, every day would be spiking practice. I would love to share their cute little faces with you, but I decided it probably wasn't a good idea to post pictures on the Internet since I don't know their situations or their parents. We did get a group picture yesterday, so you can enjoy them from a distance.
For the past two afternoons, we've been working on a house for one of the families here. Maria, her husband, and their five children are currently living in this looks like a fine place for a family of seven, doesn't it?
Our task was to get the sheeting put onto the roof so that a team next week can come in and put down the shingles. In this picture, you can see the new house just in front of their current home. When we got there on Tuesday, only the tresses had been put up.
I am proud to say that all of us climbed up there and pitched in. I was even told at one point that I had good form. Who knew!?
With the help of many church members and a couple true carpenters, we managed to get the whole thing done in two afternoons. Maria and her children were thrilled when they saw that their house had a "roof" on it. I wish that I could be here on the day that they get to move in. I know that they will be overjoyed.

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