Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When I started dating Mark 11 (yikes!) years ago, I was introduced to the world of motorcycles for the first time. Suddenly, words like supercross, motorcross, 250, and 450 were a part of my vocabulary and the smell of race gas became one of my favorites.
Though I haven't yet learned to ride a motorcycle (someday...maybe), I have come to really enjoy watching the sport. Last Saturday, the AMA Motorcross came to Lakewood and Mark and I had the opportunity to go. We have actually been looking forward to it for months -- following the races on t.v., getting to know the riders, tracking the points, etc.
It was a beautiful day for a race and I took a lot of pictures. Turns out, photographing moving motorcycles is really difficult! I did manage to get one picture of Mark and I together. Can you find me?
My sweet husband it so patient with me when it comes to watching Motorcross. I can't quite keep up. I'm always asking things like, "Who's in first right now?" "Who is number so-and-so?" "Is that guy hurt?"

There is one rider, however, that I have no trouble keeping up with. Andrew Short.
Andrew's parents and my parents went to college together and I have know Andrew since I was very young. I still remember four-year-old Andrew pedaling his bike around the neighborhood saying "Brraaaap! Brraaaap!" and the top of his lungs. (I also remember that he put ketchup on my scrambled eggs once while we were camping. It made me gag. When I tried to complain about it to my mom, I got in trouble for tattling. Oh! The injustice! But I digress...)
It is so fun to see Andrew now as a world class athlete. He won 2nd place this past weekend and is in second place in the points race, trailing the leader by only a small margin. We cheered him on as he crossed the finish line and will be cheering for him though our television set for the rest of the season.
Good luck, Andrew! First place is just around the corner...we can feel it!

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