Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Day in El Paso

Today we began the day with a church service where the songs were sung in both English and Spanish and ended the day with a dinner of "mild" Mexican food that burned my mouth and made my nose run.

In the middle of the day we participated in a sunny church picnic,

a game of kickball,

and a fascinating tour of El Paso.

Did you know that El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico are like one giant city? In fact, in this picture you are actually seeing more Mexico territory than US territory.
It is HOT here -- but after spending the past two weeks in the cold and the rain back home, this feels SO good!
I had a wonderful surprise today when a classmate from high school walked into church. I went to school with Logan for 12 years and haven't seen him since we graduated from ECA 9 years ago. Then I come all the way to El Paso and here he is! It was great to meet his wife and daughter today at the picnic.
Sports camp starts tomorrow. While I feel very confident about the volleyball coaching thing, I'm totally terrified by the gym-full-of-six-year-olds thing. I've never considered myself to be very gifted when it comes to working with young children. I'm guessing that a group of 25 little guys is going to challenge me a bit.

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