Friday, January 30, 2009


While driving past a downtown park today, I glanced up and noticed this woman on the street corner. I was early for my meeting and I was curious, so I parked my car and got out to ask her about her story. 
She said she was inspire by this man and that she does this about once a week. I asked her how many people actually stop. "Quite a few." 

For a person offering free hugs to strangers, she was surprisingly reserved and...well...a little grumpy. She allowed me to take her picture only after I accepted my free hug. 

Ironically, I had to pay the parking meter 35 cents in order to cash in on my free hug. 

While I was standing there, this man came up and offered both of us hugs. She said, "See that's how it works. It gets passed on."  
I won't go overboard and say that she totally inspired me, but I will probably think twice about how much time I devote to kindness each day. 

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Kari said...

It makes me wonder when you say she was a bit grumpy how sincere the hugs were. "Come give me a damn hug, hurry up! Feel better? Good. Okay, BYE!" Thats not really the point now is it.