Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Wildcats!

I took my niece to see High School Musical, The Ice Tour on Friday night. 
Clearly, she was very excited to see the show. To shorten the wait, we bought some mint-chocolate-chip ice cream. After she took her first bite, she exclaimed loudly, "OOHHH, this is exactly how it is supposed to taste." It was everything she had dreamed of! 
For two hours, the wildcats of East High entertained with flips, twirls, and cool ice-dance moves. Our seats were a little high...but this was ok because Arlee was convinced that it was actually Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens down there on the ice. I didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise. I'll tell her when she's older. 

And what show is complete without $10 cotton candy and a sparkly plastic hat?! 
At one point in the show, Troy Bolton took off his shirt, eliciting screams from some of the older audience members, but completely shocking the preschoolers that made up 75% of those in attendance. As soon as the shirt came off, a wide-eyed Arlee looked at me and said, "OH -- MMYYY -- GOSH. He should have done that behind the curtain." Totally inappropriate Troy, totally inappropriate. 
In the end, a good time was had by all and Troy and Gabriella continue to live happily-ever-after. 


Brie said...

I love all these Arleeisms! Looks like you girls had a great time together :)

Tarah said...

You are one amazing aunt! Love the part about Troy taking off his shirt...what the heck!??