Monday, February 9, 2009

lock up your daughters

I spent the afternoon with a girl who just returned from a trip to Planned Parenthood. 

When she left their office today, they presented her with a "kit." A small parting gift -- if you will -- containing candy, lubricant, and a black condom. Her favorite color. 

Yep. That's a great idea. A sexually active 13-year-old who didn't use a condom last time will certainly remember to be so responsible next time. And when that one condom is gone, she will certainly return to your office to replenish her "stock" for the next time, and the next time, and the next time...

No need to talk to her about self control. Don't even bother telling her that she has value, that she is worth something without giving away sex. And please remember to not mention the STDs that can still be contracted while wearing a condom. 

As long as she lessens her chances of getting pregnant, we're good. 

What the Hell, Planned Parenthood. 
What the Hell. 

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