Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rider Down

The other night, on my way to bed, I tripped over Mark's dirt bike gear bag that was laying in the middle of the dark dining room. As I fell to the ground, I was {rudely} reminded of all the joys my husband has added to my life.
I fell in love with the smell of race gas the same year that I fell in love with Mark and spent much of my first years of dating him experiencing the excitement of the race track. It's been 13 years since I was introduced to the sport and I still love it.

Last weekend, Mark and I were thrilled to receive tickets to the Motocross race in Lakewood, CO. Well, Mark was thrilled and I was just plain giddy.
We baked in the sun for six hours and completely enjoyed our day.
Unfortunately, Mark was reminded several times how much patience it requires to take your wife to a Motocross race. You see, while I love the sport, I still just can't quite keep up. My dialogue throughout each 35 min race was a variation of, "Who's in first? Who fell? Who's in first? Who fell? Who's that? Where's Andrew? Who's in first?"

Once I quit flappin' my jab and started concentrating on taking photos, I think we both had a better time.

My marriage to Mark has expanded my horizons in a million ways - many of which are much more significant and sentimental than motorcycles.

But gosh I sure am glad that my life now includes motorcycles.
However, I could certainly do without the gear-death-traps in the dining room.
Gotta watch out for those.

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