Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Party People

Yesterday was the first day that our file could possibly be submitted to the US Embassy for review. But it didn't happen and I was bummed.

Thank goodness for these girls. They were the perfect distraction - and so much fun!
Nothing will keep you busy like a seven-year-old sleep-over.
We started our slumber party by selecting cereal for the next morning.
Picking out just one box that everyone could agree on was nearly impossible.
Then it was time for American Girl Dolls. Hours and hours of American Girl Dolls.
Katey and Arlee took a million pictures of their dolls. It was dress them, pose them, dress them pose them, dress them, pose them......
I always let the girls use my camera. My good camera. Is that dumb? Probably. But they love it.
After dinner, they wanted to play outside.
They wanted to play outside in my parking space. Weird.
I made them go to the park instead. I'm so mean.

After we had our feet fully exfoliated at the sandy park, it was time for pedicures. I clipped another person's toenails for the first time in my life. That was also weird.
But seriously, is there anything cuter than little girls and nail polish?
After a little "Nanny McPhee" and sleepy-time, we enjoyed a morning full of bed-head and banana bread mixed with a little Taylor Swift sing-a-long.

I sure do love these girls.
Like really love them alot alot.
And I hope they had fun.
Because if our paperwork doesn't make it to the Embassy next Thursday (paperwork can only be submitted on Thursdays), I might need them to come hang out again.


The Cutter Family said...

Glad I'm not the only one hanging all my hopes on a due date! Hang in there! Thinking of you :)

Joan said...

You are the BEST aunt in the whole world! Those girls are going to be jealous of Briggs when he arrives!