Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Changes Everything

I don't know Sarah's whole story. I haven't followed every detail.

What I do know is that a year ago, little miss Sarah didn't have a family.
And even though she was just a tiny girl, she understood hopelessness.

But in February, everything changed.

She was adopted.

Her mother recently posted two videos HERE to celebrate the fact that Sarah is walking - and to celebrate the distance that Sarah has gone over the past six months.

Go and watch the videos. And go ahead and celebrate the walking if you would like.

But what I really want you to notice - what really struck my heart - is the DIFFERENCE in Sarah's eyes.

Oh her eyes say it all.

The Sarah from February didn't know love.
She didn't know what it was like to have someone cheer for her.
She didn't understand pride
and she had no clue who the person behind the camera was.
She had no idea that people believed in her
and cherished her.

But look at Sarah now.
She KNOWS she is loved,
and that she has value.

Six months ago she was listless.
Today she is thriving.

Having a family changed everything for her.

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