Monday, August 16, 2010

Bye-Bye Buddy

Yesterday was the much anticipated Muddy Buddy race.
I think it's safe to say that we looked forward to this all summer.
Our three teams + photographer Joan arrived at the Boulder Reservoir bright and early.
"Natox & Fatuma", "eM+B=MuddyBuddy", and "Butch & McFly" were ready to race!

Competing alongside our buddies, we took on the race course which consisted of six miles of biking, running, river crossing, and obstacle tackling...

...and ended with a splash through the mud pit.

I can't say that our group was "playing to win", but we had a great time and followed one important rule - "NO cleaning off until we get one dirty group picture." :)
And, I'll tell you what, I sure do LOVE my buddy.
After the race, I helped said buddy move into her new apartment for the school year. It was kind of a sad end to a very happy day.

Today, I was clipping coupons (barf!), and I ran across this advertisement. I laughed to myself a little and thought, "That's not what it feels like to drop your sister off at college."

In fact, I kind of think that this mother here is thinking "I'm going to have so much fun living in my daughter's dorm room with her, eating easy mac off of these nifty yellow plates."
Call my crazy, but it's just not that fun to say to your loved one, "Peace out. I'll see you in a couple months."

I'm proud of my sister
and happy for her
and so, so excited about all of the things that she is going to do this year.

But still, not that fun to leave her at college.
Not. Fun.

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