Friday, May 28, 2010


At 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, Mark and I will begin the first leg of the Kyle-Osburn-multipurpose-low-budget-cross-country-vacation-extravaganza.

We will fly with one-way tickets to California, where we will pack up a U-haul for these dear friends and then hit the road to home.

And by "road to home," I mean the LONG road home.

We plan to take five days to drive from CA to CO and have stops planned in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Santa Fe.

And by "pack up the U-haul" I mean that OUR FRIENDS ARE MOVING HOME.


Ecstatic actually - and will be living in a general state of hyper-excitedness for the next 14 hours. Because, well, it doesn't happen very often that you get to go on vacation AND move your best friends home all in one week.

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Tarah said...

I think that sounds super fun!