Sunday, October 5, 2008

As Predicted...

...a good time was had by ALL!! 
My sister's school hosted their homecoming dance at my brother-in-law's barn, east of Colorado Springs. There were buggy rides, a huge bonfire, hot chocolate, and the best high-school dance I have ever seen. Seriously, the dj, one of the school's seniors, provided four straight hours of boogie time, complete with strobe and black lights. Everyone participated. For the entire four hours. 

My niece, Katey, even got in on the action and literally could not stop shakin' in for a good thirty minutes. 

It was a real, bonafide, party-in-the-country-til-the-sun-comes-up. (Or until-your-parents-show-up, whichever comes first.) 

Thank you, Matt, for providing such an awesome place!

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Tarah said...

How fun!! Wish we wouldn't have done more of this stuff when I was at eca!