Monday, August 4, 2008

Homework #1

I'm taking a photography class for the next six weeks. After week one, I felt like I was completely in over my head! Apparently, I know nothing about my camera! Here are a few pics from my assignment this week. This week I chose to practice capturing motion and had to get one "good" picture from each of four categories.

First, take a portrait.

Next, stop the action.
Third, show some motion. (But not too much!)
Finally, keep the motion in the background and the subject in focus.
**This last picture looks much cooler if you click on it and view it full-size.**


Meme said...

Thats sooo cool! I love the last photo and the portrait of Mark. You're doing great, and I can not wait to see more homework!

Courtney said...

I swear I took a similar class in college and it was way over my head too. But it makes me wish I had more time to do stuff like that now. I miss those days! Have fun while it lasts. ;)And teach me whatever you learn, k. I love it. Your pics turned out great!!!