Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Big One-Eight

When I was five, I started praying that God would give me a little sister. I remember looking at my other friends and realizing that I was one of the only ones who did not have a sibling. I thought it looked like fun to have a permanent friend in your home. Someone you could play with without having to ask your mom if they could come over.

I told everyone that when I got a sister, I would never, ever fight with her.

Three years later -- just one week before my 8th birthday -- my answer to prayer came in the form of a tiny, wooly-headed, little baby named Emily. Never was there a prouder big sister.

Two days ago, my sister turned 18, and I am still so proud of her. She is funny, compassionate, easy going and understanding. She is athletic, smart, and a good friend. She has goals and dreams and she loves the Lord. I could not be more blessed!

I took Emily out the night of her birthday. We celebrated with some lemonade - purchased from the most adorable 10-year-old street vendor.

Then a new piercing...

...and a few lotto tickets. (none of them winners.)

I still can't believe that she is 18-years-old, but I love the fact that she is growing up. I feel like the "age difference" between us closes every year and that our friendship gets better and better.


Brockman said...

Becky, I remember the day you told us about your mom being pregnant...that seems like yesterday. I can't believe that Emily is 18, she is such a lovely girl. All the best.

I'm still waiting for a sister...Ha!

Shellie and Family said...

I'm jealous... I STILL wish for a sister sometimes. (o: