Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This boy of mine is TWO today. 
I may have been feeling a little bit sentimental last night about the fact that he wasn't going to be a one-year-old anymore, so he and I went on a picnic to commemorate the event. He thought eating outside was AWESOME. He actually thinks that anything that happens outside is awesome.
If you don't know Briggs, here he is in one picture;
Head thrown back.
Mouth open in a giggle or song or other loud noise of his choice.
In motion.
He also enjoys sabotaging his own photo ops by sticking his face or hand directly on the camera lens while shouting "NO MO' PICTURE, PWEASE!"
We celebrated today with waffles at IHOP and a little bit of ice-skating. And he delayed his nap this afternoon by laying in his bed and saying "I'm two" over and over for about 45 minutes.
He's a hand-full, I tell you, but we do adore him.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Briggs!

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